Introducing Sanscubicle and our Thesis.

The Shorter Read:

At Sanscubicle we build service-based brands with some of the brightest minds in India, using a thesis (framework), which we believe will serve as the norm for the future of work. Our thesis is broken down into the following six points:

At launch our brands are: Lazy Eight (A Creative Agency) and HEC2M (A Software Development Agency), Dhasoo (A Digital Marketing Agency) and Zgal (A Legal Advisory Agency) —currently in beta.


The Longer Read:

Sanscubicle is a result of a 5 year long exploration out of Khoob into the future of work in India. Khoob builds and invests in interesting Indian companies. We used Lazy Eight as the basis to build our thesis.

Let’s now jump into our thesis for Sanscubicle in detail:

A Fully Remote, Zero Infrastructure Model.

On day 1 (May 2016), we decided to have a fully remote and distributed model for all of our brands. In either of our brands the team members are allowed to work from anywhere that inspires them the most. We have no offices, just a simple virtual office address for snail mail and regulatory paper work where we spend INR 12,000/ year (~$164). This model allows us to focus on hiring the best regardless of their location and not worry about lobby couches and coffee table books.

A map distribution of the team members at Lazy Eight. Live map can be viewed here.

Since we don’t have an actual office we decided to build a virtual one. Our virtual office is powered by 8, our AI bot (more on this later). Below is an example of the Lazy Eight Virtual Office.

The virtual office view for Lazy Eight. (currently in beta).

Having A Single Title, Flat Organisation.

In Sanscubicle there is a single title for all our team members in any of our brands, Principal. For each of our brands we hire the best in the business, hence from day 1 of joining they are Principals. We believe titles can be false flags to aspire for, rather we inherently define responsibilities for each of our Principals whose successes are based on data (OKRs,etc). We have no peer reviews, rather we simply review data and figure out what is working, what isn’t and how we can improve together.

In our brands, no Principal goes by name rather we assign them a hex code colour. This concept started with Lazy Eight, mainly because of the “Don Draper” effect. We did not want Lazy Eight as an agency to be judged due to a “Don Draper” rather because of the agency as a whole.

Recently we have seen interesting conversations regarding pseudonymous economies. Here is an interesting tweet by Balaji S. Srinivasan.

Yes. The remote economy enables the pseudonymous economy. And both of them further enable the international economy. Pseudonymity means you judge someone by their work, not the accident of birth. So much overlooked talent in the Global South could rise if we make this work.

Time will tell if pseudonymous economies will work. We are glad we are experimenting with this concept.

Limiting Employees To 60 Work Hours Per Month.

This is something very unique to Sanscubicle and its brands. Every employee (Principal) is limited to 60 hours of execution work per month. We measure this using a bot we built in-house (more on this later). Why limit an employee to 60 hours per month? Most importantly, there is more to do in life than just work. Secondly, there are studies now that show the ineffectiveness of 8 hour work days eg:

A study of nearly 2,000 full-time office workers revealed that most people aren’t working for most of the time they’re at work. The most popular unproductive activities listed by the survey were:

The total here sums up to almost 4.5 hr. So for a 9 hr work-day, time spent effectively on work is just 4.5 hr. In many cases, this could go down to 3 hr of effective working a day.

At our Sanscubicle brands we set a 100% utility rate per Principal of 60 hours per month. If say a Principal / or a group of Principals (eg. Branding Principals at Lazy Eight) are seeing consistent 90%+ utility rates, it serves as a signal to the HR team to hire more Branding Principals.

Using AI To Measure Work Hours And Collect Data

We have built our own in-house, proprietary system that helps measure actual work. This system is primarily led by our AI bot, who we call Aath (8 in Hindi). When a Principal for any of our brands is working on anything, 8 tracks them. 8 then knows how much time execution time was spent on a particular task.

Our bot 8 running on a Lazy Eight project Slack channel. PS: Aath has a sense of humour.

How does this data help us?

Example of a Principal’s Compensation Dashboard
Data led estimate for a Lazy Eight Project
Historical hourly pricing for Lazy Eight based on data. (Note the drop from March to April due to Covid.)

Profit Sharing For All Employees.

Since there is no org. structure in any of the brands at Sanscubicle, it makes sense that everyone shares the profits. We use simple math here: Total Hours Input By A Principal / Total Hours Inputed By All Principals. Simple. If a Principal decides to leave they still get their share of profits as long as their % stays above 0.5%.

Ability To Build Your Own Equity Ownership Vehicle.

At Sanscubicle we have created Sanscubicle Labs. Sanscubicle Labs is our whetstone where Principals from our brands collaborate with each other on exciting projects. Some of these projects are experiments while others are actual products. Equity ownership is simple: The Principal’s hours input / Total hours input. Profits are pushed into the total profit pool and split as discussed earlier. We will be announcing Sanscubicle Labs and some of the projects early 2021.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or would like to discuss Sanscubicle / Future of Work in India further, feel free to shoot us an email at: . We are also actively hiring across all brands at Sanscubicle. To view the open positions please visit our website.


We are group of service based brands rethinking the future of work in India.